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No Bake Molding Services

Specialized Castings offers no-bake molding services for castings that require high metallurgical integrity. We utilize this process to produce castings ranging from 2 lbs to 1200 lbs with mold sizes up to 96" x 144". Our services add value to your business by reducing energy, machining and finishing cost. Specialized Castings achieves this through the control of metal quality, thickness, and by eliminating hard spots and other defects. We can produce no-bake molds with typical draft angles of 2+ degrees with corner radii and fillets as required.

No-bake moldings have proven their worth as an efficient means to produce low and medium volumes of complex castings. Depending on the quality and size of the tooling and part configuration, typical casting tolerances are within +/-.020", with obtainable tolerances within +/-.015". The dimensional accuracy and surface finish of no-bake molds are typically superior to that of the levels achieved with the greensand process and often approaches the levels attained in permanent and die cast parts.

The no-bake process produces a mold of considerable strength and allows for a much larger and intricate casting. The solid sand structure allows the mold to be literally built from individual pieces allowing for very complex castings. No bake molds are best suited for large and heavy castings since the mold strength allows for greater metal weights to be cast.

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52" x 50" Sand Cope with Tubing Pre Pour 356 Aluminum
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Production Mold
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Large No-Bake Molding
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Luggage Carrier Tool (Just After Casting)
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Large Motor Blank
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Production Mold Detail
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Production Mold Core Print
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Production Part Detail
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Dunnage Tray
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Production Part Core Print
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Lawn Ornament
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Cast/Machined Carpet Tool

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Plaster Molding Capabilities

Maximum Mold Weight Up to 2000 lbs
Flask Size 12" x 12"
36" x 48"
Design Tolerances +/- 0.020
Draft Angles 2+ Degrees
Pouring Capabilities Ounces to 50 lbs
  • (3) Furnaces
  • (4) Molding Stations
  • (2) Continuous High Speed Mixers
  • (2) Grinding Stations
  • Sandblasting stations
Secondary Services
  • Pattern Making
  • CNC Machining
  • Certified Inspection
  • Heat Treating and Coatings
  • X-ray Misc. Testing

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